Canalmap is a Free online map of the canals and waterways of Britain

Showing Bridges, Locks, Water points and other sevices and official Visitor Moorings.

Why Have I Made This Map?

Originally, I started by just making maps of the planned routes of our canal  holidays for my own use so that I could see where we were. After a few holidays, I'd got quite a bit mapped and I just carried on and started to join it all together. It combines three of my interests, Maps, Computers and Canals.

To start with, I just pre rendered the maps and uploaded them to my website but as the map grew, this became impractical so I set up a mapserver to render the maps as required. The chances are that if you look at a section of the map, the canal overlay was freshly rendered as you browsed it. The server that does this sits in a cupboard under my TV!

The map is constantly being revised and improved and I don't suppose it will ever be "finished".

Using The Map

You can zoom in and out of the map using a mouse wheel or the + and - buttons at the top left of the map.

The square symbol below the + and - will make the map full screen.

The arrow symbol will, if you have a GPS receiver attached, (most tablets and smart phones) centre your location on the map and follow your movements.

The symbol at the top right of the map will allow you to use different base maps and to switch the canalmap overlay on or off.

The symbol below that will enable the selection of the type of icons displayed. (Marker type or Canal depending on which map you are viewing)

(I am currently working to replace all the hard coded markers with Maps Marker icons.)

Clicking/tapping a shield shaped icon will pop up an information box.mooringpubsupermarketshopharbor


The map is a work in progress and may be updated/added to often.

For route planning I recommend CanalPlanAC.

For maximum dimensions canaldata.com looks pretty useful.

Tidal Waters. This map is only an approximation for tidal waters and is no substitute for a proper chart.

Canalmap uses some data from Openstreetmap

Canalmap Contains Ordnance Survey Data © Crown copyright and database right 2015

The latest source for the map is HERE

The map is displayed using the MapsMarker WordPress plugin to display markers on a Leaflet map.